Farmers Development Union (FADU) Joins Project Implementing Partners of EOA Initiative In Nigeria

Dr.  AdeOluwa , Country Coordinator,  EOA-I  Nigeria , presenting  the Letter of Appointment to  Mr. Bayo Olaniyan, Controller of Programs, FADU

Farmers Development Union , a multi- sectorial organization using micro finance to organize the low income informal entrepreneurs in agriculture and other sector to better their condition, on January 9, 2019 met with Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative in Nigeria (EOA-I) implementation team at the National Secretariat of the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria. This meeting was sequel to the need for the appointment of this organization as a Pillar Implementation Partner of the Initiative. Present at the meeting were Mr. Bayo Olaniyan, Controller of Programs, Mr. Adeolu Adewoyin, Senior Program officer, Mrs. Abigail Ogunniyi, Financial Controller, FADU, Dr. Olugbenga AdeOluwa, Country  Coordinator, EOA Initiative in Nigeria, Mr. Oyewole  Gbadamosi, Project Coordinator, EOA-I, Miss Rebecca Okunola, Communications /Human Resources Officer, Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria.

The Project Manager gave a summary of Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative, its mission, vision and the mode of operation, he also familiarized FADU representatives with tasks expected as Pillar Implementing Partner, FADU will be in Pillar 2 (Information and Communication) of the Project Implementation. They are to facilitate communication of the values and practices of EOA various audiences and stakeholders in Nigeria, they are to work with all the priority areas of the Initiative, formulate information and communication strategies in collaboration with other PIPs; Federation of Agricultural Commodity Association of Nigeria, Healthy Food for Consumers Initiative, Justice Development  and Peace Commission.

At the end of the meeting, the letter of appointment was presented by Dr. AdeOluwa to Mr. Bayo Olaniyan, Controller of Programs FADU, Mr. Bayo Olaniyan commended the efforts of the EOA team and gave an assurance that FADU will be so willing to implement the project efficiently and effectively.

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