Members of the Executive Deliberate ahead of 2019

Members of the Executive Committee during the meeting

Various deliberations were made at the meeting of the Executive Committee members of the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria held at the Board Room, Department of Agronomy, University of Ibadan on December 3, 2018. Among other things, the meeting agreed that all members after payments of their annual dues should be given their membership certificates, issuance should no longer be on request but a routine right of members. The logo of the Association must not be used without the consent of the Association as it was brought to the notice of the Association, unauthorized use of the logo was frowned at, conditions on the use were however drawn out. Organic produce or products coming into the Association must be listed, tested by certification team comprising competent hands before endorsements or offer for sale or projecting to intending buyers, this is to protect the image of the Association against bodies operating contrary to the stance of the organization. In response to members from various states agitating for inauguration of State Chapters, the meeting drew out guidelines and requirements for states to have a chapter viz, guideline on the eligibility to stand as a state chapter was agreed  to be brought to the notice of the state coordinators on the required  number of members to constitute a state chapter, 15 members  at least was agreed upon.

Participatory Guarantee System was agreed to be done for members at a considerate fee, to ensure a time to time quality control and standards for members in their practice of Organic Agriculture, on the use of the Association’s social media platforms, efforts of the moderators were commended as the abuse of these platforms have reduced drastically, hence the essence of these media were actualized.

Also, the meeting discussed how to sustain the Association and the Secretariat as there is need to source for funds to meet with expenses incurred in the course of operation, various ways to generate funds were discussed and this led to Business Committee being constituted.

The Business committee was set up to moderate business activities and  issues of partnership and collaborations with the Association, the Business Committee members includes Dr. Wumi Ipinmoroti (Chairperson) , Dr jude C. Obi, Chief Mosudi Salimonu, Dr.  Akudo Onunwa (UNIZIK), Mrs. Oluyinka Odukoya, Mrs Saliat, Fr. Cletus U. Etim. Members of this committee are members of the Association from major geopolitical zones of Nigeria, with Miss Rebecca Okunola, Communications/Human Resources Officer of the Association being the Secretary to the Committee.

The need for the review of NOAN’ constitution was also discussed, it was agreed that draft should be submitted before January 2019, and to be ready before the next annual General Meeting. Respective officers mandated were implored to start executing duties assigned to them immediately.

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