COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus which was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Common symptoms include fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath and loss of smell and taste. Other symptoms include aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea and these may take 5-6 days from when someone is infected with the virus from symptoms to show and this can take 14 days.
The virus is primarily spread between people during close contact often via small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and talking. Due to travelling and movements across borders, Nigeria had its first confirmed case and since then the number of sufferers had increased at an alarming rate.
Presently there is no known approved medication for this disease and it is only advised that you take preventive measures and in case you show symptoms related to this disease, contact the nearest health center and adhere to the rules and measures by the government. The disease can be prevented through the following:
* Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and running water.
* Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and others.
* To avoid spray of liquid droplets from noses or mouth of those who sneeze, cough and speak as they may have the virus.
* Avoid going to crowded places as close contact with carriers may cause the disease to spread.
* Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, hands may touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses, the virus enters your body and infects through your nose mouth and eyes.
* Follow food respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze, also use nose mask to prevent direct spray of the liquid from contacts.
* Stay home when necessary and self isolate when you notice you have symptoms such as cough, sneezing, mild fever until you recover.
* If you have related symptoms, seek medical attention, follow directives of your national and local health authority.
* Update yourself on the latest information from trusted sources, do not treat yourself.

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