EOA Pillar 1

Pillar 1

Pillar Implementing Partner: University of Ibadan Team

Pillar: 1 (Research, training and extension)

Outcome: Ecological Organic Products related knowledge along the value chain is increasingly documented and actors encapacitated to translate it into practices and application

Planned outputsActivities
Output 1.1: Conduct in-depth assessments to document available on EOA research into
Administration of questionnaires and
Focused Group Discussions
Output 1.1.2: Identify knowledge gaps, needs and priorities by gender in the
development of EOA commodity value chains
Administration of questionnaires and
Focused Group Discussions
Output 1.1.3: Create and regularly update a data base of EOA research into use at
national level
i.Directory / Data instruments
ii.Production of a book of Abstract iii. Online directory
Output 1.1.4: Validate research findings in EOA practicesi. Focus group discussion and peer review of research findings
ii. Validation of raw data from field surveys iii. Feed backs
Output 1.1.5: Document application of local knowledge to development of EOAi. Focus group discussion
ii. Interviews
iii. Publishing of local knowledge information
Output 1.2.1: Identify training needs for EOA actors by gender (producers, extension
agents, marketers, processors, regulators and consumers) in the value chains
Administration of questionnaires and
Focused Group Discussions
Output 1.2.2: Support periodic review of curricula and training materials of relevant
training institutions with stakeholders (practitioners, institutions and policy makers)
Group discussions and reviews
Output 1.2.3: Sensitize stakeholders about the recommended EOA curricula and
training materials
Output 1.2.4: Support development of EOA training programmes and materials based
on training needs assessment and curricula reviews
Production of training materials for the curricula
Output 1.2.5: Support short course trainings for targeted actors in EOA value chain to
build capacities on identified gaps
Training of actors on value chain
Output 1.3.1: Conduct Monitoring & EvaluationEnsuring achievement of OVI
Output 1.3.2: Supervise and supportEnsuring achievement of OVI
Output 1.3.3: Preparation of annual and progress reportWriting of reports

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