Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria (NOAN) is a non-governmental organization created to serve as an umbrella body for all stakeholders involved in organic agriculture in Nigeria. The secretariat of NOAN is located at the city of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Membership is drawn from farmers, scientists, processors, exporters, individuals, Institutions, NGOs and organizations that are key players in the organic agriculture sector in Nigeria.

NOAN also serves as a link body between organic agriculture stakeholders in Nigeria and international bodies interested in organic agriculture. The activities of NOAN are hinged on these four key thematic areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Standards and Certification
  • Marketing

These areas are managed by committee members who are well experienced in such matters.


Training of Trainers (ToT2017) A Certificate course

Organic Agriculture: Principles, Practices and Entrepreneurship

Note: Dear all, the correct account number for the ToT on Organic Agric is 0164365385, GT Bank, Account Name: Nigeria Go Organic. Sorry for the inconvenience.


14th National Conference and Scientific Meeting (IBBUL 2017) of the Organic Agriculture Project in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria (OAPTIN)  DOWNLOAD THE FLIER     

The Communiqué of the 2017 National Organic Agriculture Business Summit

We, the 120 participants of the 2017 National Organic Agriculture Business Summit held in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria from July 11-13, 2017 representing all the geo-political zones of Nigeria and four other countries of Africa namely Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania (virtual), representing investors in inputs supply, production, processing, packaging and environment, producers, consumers and business moguls in different aspects of the agricultural sector, governmental organizations related to agriculture, education, trade, health and environment, research and higher educational institutions, hotels and supermarket operators, media practitioners, civil rights organizations and policy makers, having deliberated on the theme ‘Global Organic Agriculture Development: Unbundling Abundant Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Nigerian Youths’,       READ MORE          DOWNLOAD

Organic Agriculture 3.0 is innovation with research

Gerold Rahmann & M. Reza Ardakani & Paolo Bàrberi & Herwart Boehm & Stefano Canali & Mahesh Chander & Wahyudi David & Lucas Dengel & Jan Willem Erisman & Ana C. Galvis-Martinez & Ulrich Hamm & Johannes Kahl & Ulrich Köpke & Stefan Kühne & S. B. Lee & Anne-Kristin Løes & Jann Hendrik Moos & Daniel Neuhof & Jaakko Tapani Nuutila & Victor Olowe & Rainer Oppermann & Ewa Rembiałkowska & Jim Riddle & Ilse A. Rasmussen & Jessica Shade & Sang Mok Sohn & Mekuria Tadesse & Sonam Tashi & Alan Thatcher & Nazim Uddin & Peter von Fragstein und Niemsdorff & Atle Wibe & Maria Wivstad & Wu Wenliang & Raffaele Zanoli
Received: 19 May 2016/Accepted: 17 November 2016 # READ MORE 



The Vision of NOAN is to improve the quality of urban and rural livelihoods through the adoption of organic agriculture in Nigeria.


The Mission of NOAN is to coordinate and facilitate the development of sustainable organic agriculture related activities in Nigeria.


To vigorously create and increase awareness of organic agriculture in Nigeria

To enhance capacity building of stakeholders in Nigeria.

The six pillars of the Ecological Organic Agriculture


Want to know what organic really means? Learn the difference between conventional and organic farming plus what certifier’s logos to look out for regardless of whether you are buying food, clothing or cosmetic products.
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Want to know what organic really means? This is a testimony from Mr Kehinde Ipinmoye from Ekiti state University, one of the member of  the Contact Class of the ToT on Principles, Practices and Entrepreneurship of Organic Agriculture in Southwest Nigeria that ended on Friday 11th of  August 2017.

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Maintaining Standards Will Enhance Export Of Nigeria’s Agricultural Produce–Minister

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development says Nigeria must maintain standards to enhance export of its agricultural produce to other countries. READ MORE

Association supports Youth involvement in organic agriculture

The Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria says the involvement of youths in organic agriculture will boost agricultural production in the country. READ MORE

The six pillars of the African Organic Action Plan are an integral part of NOAN EOA to wit:

  1. Research, training and extension
  2. Information and communication
  3. Value chain and market development
  4. Networking and partnership.
  5. Supportive policies and programmes
  6. Institutional capacity development

Organic is Natural and healthy. Go Organic!

As global temperatures rise and weather patterns become more erratic, the intersection between climate change and agriculture is crucial to understanding the role agriculture plays in contributing to and mitigating global warming. Carbon sequestration, lower-input of fossil fuel dependent resources, and use of renewable energy all present opportunities for organic agriculture to lead the way in reducing energy consumption and mitigating the negative effects of energy emissions. Organic agriculture provides management practices that can help farmers adapt to climate change through strengthening agro-ecosystems, diversifying crop and livestock production, and building farmers’ knowledge base to best prevent and confront changes in climate.

Available Organic Produce/Products available at the National Secretariat

Palm oil

palm oil and fruit


vegetables and fruits

Golden melon

golden melon

Some of the Organic farmers Groups in Southwest Nigeria

  • LOCATION: Akinyele local government, Ajibode, Ibadan Oyo State
  • PRODUCE: Organic Vegetable
  • CONTACT PERSON: Chief M.O. Salimonu
  • CONTACT TELEPHONE:+2348038010690
  • LOCATION: Elekuru, Via Moniya, Ibadan Oyo State
  • PRODUCE: Organic Vegetable, yam,cassava, maize and sweet potatoes
  • CONTACT PERSON: Ayanfeoluwa Olufemi E.
  • CONTACT TELEPHONE:+2348075137957
  • LOCATION: Ago-Owu Farm Settlement, Osun State
  • PRODUCE: Organic plantain, banana, golden melon, pepper, cocoa, maize, Oil palm.
  • CONTACT TELEPHONE:+2348024695244
  • LOCATION: Akinyele, Moniya, Ibadan Oyo State
  • PRODUCE: Organic plantain, pepper, cocoyam, and maize.
  • CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Lukman A. Adeniran
  • CONTACT TELEPHONE:+2348179825114, +2348114658130